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Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI)

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) is our main vehicle for coordinating spatial research and development.

We currently have projects underway that enhance the use of location information and identify collaboration opportunities across government and industry to create greater efficiencies.

Biomass Business

Through spatial information, Biomass Business empowers Australia’s response to climate change by transforming the way public and private land managers balance agricultural productivity and sustainability.

The project brings together leading proponents of production agriculture and public land management with a significantly expanded partner base and scope.

Read more on this CRCSI research project.

Greening the Greyfields

This project is developing tools to apply spatial information to urban planning decision-making, for improved economic, social and environmental outcomes.

The project is informing urban planning decisions related to the redevelopment of the middle suburbs, in particular those precincts characterised as ‘greyfields’ which provide unique considerations for planning.

Read more on this CRCSI research project here.

Spatial Infrastructures

The CRCSI Spatial Infrastructures programme, in partnership with Landgate’s SPUR, is providing a range of opportunities to improve the way in which Landgate customers interact with government open data and spatial information. It also provides new ways to intelligently and automatically manage spatial information workflows to speed up and stream line business processes.

Education and research alliances

We have formal associations with Curtin University and the School of Spatial Sciences and other universities and technology partners, such as Edith Cowan University, University of Western Australia and Murdoch University. These relationships place us at the forefront of new emerging technology and give us the opportunity to SPUR on tomorrow’s start-up talent.

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